• 03 04 2018
  • News

New Color Range: Portable restrooms have never been this Pop!

We are excited to introduce our new range of colors for our portable toilets: from bright lime to elegant turquoise, we set the right tone for every occasion.

Who said portable restrooms need to be hidden away and remain an unnoticed detail of building sites and events? In keeping with our passion for innovation, we are happy to introduce a new range of colors that will make our portable toilets a dot of energy in whatever location. Building sites, parks, concerts, sports events, weddings: regardless the moment, we can always do with a dash of color, especially if the colors are as original and varied as the ones we have selected for our new range.

From a deep brick red, to chrome yellow, fuchsia, lime, purple and turquoise: choose them as a monochrome option or mix and match them for an even more original portable restroom! In fact, it is possible to personalize the cabins with many different color combinations, such as: fuchsia walls and lime or purple profiles, yellow walls and purple profiles, lime and purple, brick red and turquoise, turquoise and yellow, and many more.

The new range applies to all of our products, with the exception of Handy, our mini-portable toilet and Cube Hn, our larger portable restroom designed for the comfort of users with mobility issues.