WAVE Internal Handwash

Armal’s Internal Handwash for portable toilets. 

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Slim, easy & uniquely designed

The Wave Internal Hand Wash has a slim profile, recessed foot pump and a uniquely designed lock stopper cap. It's easily installed and has a 7.5-gallon capacity (28.40 It.).

Main featutres

Armal’s slim profile design saves space inside the portable toilet. It is easily installed and flushes using a foot pump. The unit has a freshwater capacity of 7.5 gallons and a uniquely designed cap cover. Available in grey.

Technical specifications

  • Freshwater Capacity 7.5 gl / 28.39 ltr
  • Height42" / 1067mm
  • Width 22" / 559mm
  • Length 9" / 229mm
  • Weight empty 13 lbs / 5.89 kg
  • Number of Uses 170

Standard colors

  • Grey

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