• 22 02 2018
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Meet Hergo, Armal’s portable restroom for women. And everybody else

Innovation and comfort meet in Hergo, Armal’s newly designed portable restroom set to transform users’ experience for good. Don’t touch, and go!

We are glad to announce the launch of Hergo, a new portable toilet set to revolutionise users’ experience across festivals, concerts, sports events, and public areas.

Hergo has been developed to improve ergonomics, to reduce contact with the toilet’s tank and seat, and to reduce the time spent using portable restrooms. Born with the needs of female users in mind, Hergo offers a better, more relaxed experience to all, also thanks to its colourful outline.

The development of this new product is the result of a thorough study into both habits and needs of portable restrooms’ users. By identifying the key issues experienced by most, namely the need for more space, less contact, and shorter times, it has been possible to outline a product aimed at providing a sustainable solution.

Thanks to the innovative design of the tank’s and the seat’s shape, not only can users move within the cubicle with more freedom, but they can also use the portable restroom adopting a more natural position, and without having to touch any surface. In addition, the inclusion of design details such as a coat hanger and a large handle on the inner door, allows for a safer, more stable experience.

All these adjustments result in a substantial reduction of the time spent in the portable restroom which, particularly from a female perspective, is a remarkable result. This is all the more true when we consider that the average female user spends 3.39 minutes in a portable toilet, against the 57 seconds spent by male users. Hergo drastically reduces these times and, by consequence, shortens the time spent in line by its users, which in return improves their overall experience.

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